FoD Fog, Sunshine and Jumps

Well there was six of us today for the next in the series of Wilkos (with a little help from Forest Dave) FoD Tours. Today was mainly marked by blind bends with serious jumps round the corner… not the type you want to roll off! It was foggy to start with, getting sunnier as the day wen’t on. The majority of the trails are nice and dry, with the odd little mud patch. Ran in to some Wild Boar’s for the first time in years, although plenty evidence of their activities. They scarpered by the time I got the camera out. There were a few off’s with one person accountable for all of them ;-), however no permanent damage 🙂 Today was probably one of my best days in the FoD this year. Loved the technical, steep, twisty jumpy trails, cheers everyone and Wilko for leading.  Pray for the continued good weather for the Oktoberfest next weekend.IMGP0008

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