September Club meeting

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After a successful barbecue we had a busy club meeting. Here are the points we discussed:

First the standard business:

  • Membership: We have 90 members
  • Money: £1600
  • CTC membership: The CTC has increased the membership fee for affiliated members to £24 per year, i.e. from now  on our membership fee  will be £10 until April plus £24 CTC for 12 months for individuals and £15 until April for couples or families plus n times £24 with n being the number of family members.

Now other business

  • Under 18’s on club rides. We have decided that we will not allow anyone under 18 on club rides, whether with or without parents. Club rides are all rides advertised on the Bigfoot webpage. If club members want to ride with their children, they should use other means to organize the rides, but not the rides calendar.
  • Riding on National Trust land or private land: We agreed that we will inform our member of any riding restrictions in our area , but we will not police our members.
  • We need to refresh the partners webpage, perhaps reduce the number of our partners but make their offers easier to find. A task for our webmaster.
  • There is a delay with the club kit order. Only on Friday Kalas e-mailed that the blue we have chosen cannot be done. Today we have picked a different blue, but there is no way that the order will be done in time for the Octoberfest.
  • Do not forget, all riders are entitled to claim £5 contribution for one event per year. Octoberfest teams: If you have not yet asked, then ask now.

Club kit: Just to remind our members of what we have:

  • Go Pro camera (at Tim’s)
  • Orange Easy Up as seen at the barbecue (at Jason’s)
  • Banner (at Jason’s)
  • Bike wash (at Ian’s)

At the August meeting the idea was brought forward that the club meetings could be made more attractive by combining them with a bring&buy event or another GPS course etc.

Christmas Dinner: We will try to book the Swan in Cheltenham again and we will have ‘ The Great Gatsby’ as a theme. Guys, I know you do not like dressing up, but we ladies do.

Now an early warning: Election of a new committee will be in January. Almost all members of the present have been in one form or another on the committee for the last 5 years. A refresh is needed to give us old hands a breather. Not that we will retire from mountain biking but a club of 90 members should not be run by the same people year after year. Yeah, yeah, we are doing a good job, but that is not the point. We are a club of friends and friends help each other out. Think about it. It is not much work and it is time for some new ideas as well.



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  1. Just a little update on club equipment :
    New(ish) jet wash : with Jason
    Old (temperamental) jet wash : with Ian

  2. Thanks for the update Susanne. Just following up from Cranham Dave’s earlier point – can we not have a club/group membership of CTC or similar to avoid having to wrangle 90 odd separate membership applications?

  3. Yes, worth looking into Andrew. Need to take into account that 23 members have sorted their own insurance (including yourself). These may not want to contribute to overall club insurance, but if it isn’t expensive then this may be a go-er. Big “if” perhaps.

    Suppose we could insist that each member sort out their own insurance and provide us with the details: membership number and expiry date.

  4. Or… we just leave the insurance as an option for those that would like to take it? MBSwindon leave it as an optional as do Black Canon Collective, Cheltenham and County, Royal Dean Forest CC, Gloucester CCC – we might wonder if we’re trying to over complicate things…

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