Bigfoot summer barbecue

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This years summer barbecue was a truly relaxed affair, so relaxed that the farmer did not seem to know that we were coming when Janet and Ian turned up for the pre-barbecue ride. When he was told that Paul had booked the venue, he remembered. The weather started out quite autumn like but did not degrade into heavy rain. We had a lot of food but everyone seemed to be quite hungry and all the sausages and burgers were wolfed down. No shopper challenge this year. Instead we had a bicycle themed car boot sale and quite a few items changed hands. My teenage sons remarked that the club is getting quite grey, but there is hope. The number of toddler cyclists is growing steadily. The next generation of Bigfooters is in the making. Perhaps shocked by the cancellation of the barbecue in July, the cake competition had only three entries. Bought cakes did not qualify even though some were very good. Matt won the bottle of prosecco with his lemon drizzle.

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  1. Thanks Susanne, and thanks to everyone for coming and making this a success and worth putting the effort in for all the contributors. Thanks to the Ayres and the Andre/Klein’s for the tandem barbecuing which kept a steady flow of meat on offer throughout. Fun to see almost everyone in normal clothes on for a change, and with their families. Unfortunately some cake was left over at the end and we had to take it home with us as we wouldn’t want them to go to waste would we? Back home we polished off the lemon drizzle quite quickly, the chocolate one went down quite well and I’ve become quite a fan of the Russ’ ginger cake, which is almost gone. In the mean time we visited my parents on Sunday and have also got some cakes from them. I suppose I better put my name down for the bike ride this week… Don’t forget it’s club meeting tonight, everyone welcome. Cheers, Dan
    PS: I’m quite pleased with my new touring grips, thanks MattL. Have yet to install my other purchases.

  2. PPS: very happy that I didn’t have to take Janet’s or Jackie’s cakes home as well as there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Please, nobody bring any cakes to the club meeting tonight… 😛

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