Bigfoot Ladies: Canal ride with luxurious finale

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Laura, Curstain, Louise and I met at Bond Mill for a gentle canal ride. We had a lot to talk about since we had not seen each other for a while and did not want any hills to get in the way of civilized conversations. But first we could not talk. The traffic to Frampton Country Fair was quite heavy. Only when we reached the canal itself things settled and we could talk. The weather was lovely and strangely enough there were not so many people around. O.k. we had to wiggle through two big groups of walkers but that was already close to Purton where we had drinks and crisps in a pub at the end of the world with grand views on the Severn. We looped then back on the other side of the M5 via Cam and Frocester. When we reached Stroud canal Laura peeled off and with doing that she missed late lunch in Stonehouse Court Hotel. Curstain needed something to eat and when we could not cross straight away the road to Stonehouse we thought we just give the Hotel a go. Service was not lightening fast, but the waiters good looking and the garden gorgeous. We will return to have Champagne afternoon tea, but in outfits more appropriate for the occasion. Thanks ladies for coming along to a very relaxing fun ride. See you all soon.

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