Bigfoot Christmas Dinner: Date has changed!!!

ca. 1925, England --- Guests watch a pair of fencers play a round of their sport on the dance floor of a formal party, or more likely a masquerade party, during the 1920s. --- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

This years Christmas dinner will be again at the Swan in Cheltenham,, on Saturday the 12th of December.  Now on the 5th of December.

For the 12th they could only offer the conservatory for maximal 25 people. We were already 30 last year. I was advised as well that we should go for the buffet option for gatherings of 30+. It sounds like a good idea to me. Please put your names down.

The theme is ‘The great Gatsby’, and I declare it a black tie occasion. Therefore no lame excuses for buying jumpers or t-shirts with ‘The great Gatsby’ written on it. We girls want it glitzy!!!

As usual we will have our award ceremonies and the infamous raffle where you bring the stuff you want to get rid of and win the stuff you never wanted.

I am suggesting to meet at 7:30 and have food at 8pm. All that will be discussed and fixed in the next club meeting.

Here is the Christmas menu  (please comment whether you would fancy the Christmas Gathering option, but we will need a minimum of 20 people for that):

Christmas menue

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  1. …proper Black Tie Susanne? Or just suited and booted? Not sure if I’m the odd one out but many folk might not have the fully dicky bow outfit to hand…

  2. This year we will be in the conservatory.
    Put you names down please. I know it is early, but they would like to know numbers as soon as possible.

  3. I say what-ho chaps and chapettes, as party games we could do inebriated track standing in DJ’s/gowns smoking a cigar etc. 😉

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