Do not forget the Bigfoot Summer Barbecue


To soften the start into a new school year and to celebrate a successful summer we will have our summer barbecue on

Saturday the 5th of September

Buckshead Farm caravan site, B4070, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 8HG. See map: Calendar-link It’s right up against Cranham Woods.

What is on offer:


The Great Bigfoot Bake off. The most successful cake competition in the UK is returning. The competition is open to all, whether members or not, children or adults, men or women.  You have to make the cake yourself. Bought cakes will be disqualified but eaten nevertheless.

Some cycling competition. The shopper bike is gone, hmm, but Janet and I have vintage bikes, hmm , we will think of something.

Please bring 1 salad, or some nibbles per family.

To organize the drinks and food we need to know who is coming. Please put your name down as soon as possible and let’s hope for good weather:  Calendar-link

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  1. Thanks for asking Jason. Well, I’m not the best cook (that might be overstating it (i.e. I’m crap)), but barring any offers I’ll load up my ricketty barbecue and bring some coals. Unless you would like the honour Jason? Pretty please 🙂
    I think Janet and Ian were going to bring some drinks? Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Cheers, Dan

  2. To everyone:
    Just in case the weather does what it usually does, any easy up shelters would be welcome, and a few deck chairs and picnic blankets would be good. Any nibbles and cakes (or fruits) would be welcome… I’ll ask the boss if there’s anything else 🙂

  3. Will be coming & probably bringing family (i.e. +1 + 2 boys). Will bring some chairs plus salads plus whatever else required. Happy to do a stint on BBQ

  4. In the freezer we have 50 burgers.
    I have the sauces.
    We will bring: Burgers, some sausages, roles, sauces, plates, paper cups, napkins, cutlery, 1 table, blue shelter, and some chairs, one barbecue and charcoal.
    The prize for the best cake is a bottle of prosecco. Get baking.

  5. Happy to do the BBQ and will bring mine…but does mean we will have 3 Inc Dan and Susannes?
    I have the easyup and flag as well but not sure how I am going to get all of this plus Karo and Scarlett and other bits into the car.
    Someone with a van to collect the easy up beforehand would be gratefully received.

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