July Club meeting

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I had the Bigfoot barbecue on the agenda, but more as a wrap up and not for re-planning. After yesterday it has turned out to be back to the drawing board again.

New date: Saturday, 5th of September.

Location: Campsite in Cranham, at the B4070. Location will be confirmed. I have to ring the farmer.

Instead of  Redhill Extreme we will have Cranham to ride in.

Now other business:

Members: We have 88 members. Just a reminder: 3rd party insurance is compulsory. Membership fee is £36 for individuals and £64 for families per year. CTC membership is included in our fee. One benefit of CTC membership is 3rd party insurance, but there are more, see http://www.ctc.org.uk/membership/member-benefits. If you can proof that you have 3r party insurance via another organization, then our fee will reduce to £18 for individuals and £28 for families per year.

Money: £1500.  The sausages for the barbecue (which are dormant in our freezer right now) are not yet paid for.

– New Club kit: Jason has volunteered to coordinate the order for new club kit. Now that you have seen the new design, please start ordering. By the way, Steve, who is the artistic genius behind the design, is a pro, see http://www.purecreative.uk.com/. We choose only the best. By the way, having family pictures taken by Steve as a Christmas presence for the mother-in-law, resulted in the most stress-free Christmas in years. Perhaps we have to go for a repeat this year.

Emergency contacts: Please, make sure that you have emergency contact details with you when you ride, either on a sticker in your helmet, on a sticker on your telephone, clearly visible in your back pack or as an emergency wrist band.

Christmas party: Yes, I know. It is summer. But after the holidays we have to discuss possible venues. Just let us know what you fancy. Janet and I will sacrifice ourselves and test the food 😉

See you all on the trails


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