Evening course with Katy Curd

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The ladies met up at the Pedalabikeway cycling centre for an evening with Katy Curd. The aim was to go over the stuff we did last time and progress to the next level. And we did. After a quick exchange of gossip we were heading over to the Freeminers trail. Katy took measure of us by sending us down a rooty by not too steep bit. First feed back followed, and then cornering again, two berms in short succession with foot down, shifting of weight and bike. A few gentlemen came down the trail, but none of them passed our quality control. Next step up were berms on a steep bit of the Freeminers trail. Without Katy’s instructions of line choice and where to brake my bike would have refused, but under Katy’s critical eyes we all had more than one go. Then it was down again to practise jumps. By accident I was the first downhill and half way down I could hear a rider approaching. I hate it when people breath down my neck, so I shouted: Stay away from me! Any closer and I will kick you off your bike. The comment was greeted with laughing. It was Katy. After gathering the troops we went through drop off techniques. Katy explained the techniques and her critical observations were extremely helpful again, since everyone is different. It was getting late. Perhaps we were getting tired or we were becoming too daring, but we had two offs at the jumps. First Becky and then Jane. After that we called it a day.

I can only recommend the courses with Katy. Gentlemen, if you are interested in getting brilliant and detailed instructions by a fun loving pro, then let me know, and I can arrange a course.

The next ladies ‘ course is planned for Sunday the 4th of October.

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