Evans Ride-it Cotswolds’ Off-road


Ok, so a group of us entered the Evans event on Saturday comprising Jane, Kath, Louise, Huw, Kevin M, and me (with Kevin and Jane carrying nasty injuries).  It rained heavily all day before the race so didn’t really what conditions to expect.  Huw turned up a bit later while we were being briefed ready for the start, so he headed out on his own later.

As it turns out, the conditions were great, except for the climbs over old cotswold stone tracks which were very greasy.  The course was a mixture of open field tracks, with deep ruts to watch out for and serious climbs.  There seem to be a pattern of sending us down to the bottom of the valley and then back up and over and down again.  This made for a lot of tough climbs.  Some of the more noticeable ones I haven’t blanked from my memory is the climb from North Nibley village to Tyndale’s monument, the climb from Scrubbett’s Lane to HillMill Lane and the HOTS Cider challenge.  Suffice to say that there were at least 5 Cat 4 climbs on the route of the Strava segments that were created!  We also cycled around the grounds of Newark Park for a bit which was nice.  When we arrived at the gate to enter the Park there was a group already there looking puzzled as the gates were shut and they were trying to push them open.  Then Kath (I think it was) went over and pressed the button, as it’s an automatic gate.  They looked a bit embarrassed.

To round it up then, we all (5) of us went round as a group, leapfrogging each other on various sections.  When we got back, we had a nice cold drink and bacon roll/bowl of chilli in the Sun.  Huw turned up a wee while later and joined us for a drink.  All in all a great day out with an excellent group.

For those who were wondering where the route took us, I’ve posted the Basecamp OS route view below:



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  1. Looks like you had a good time, wish I’d joined you now, the Eastgate Champs Élysées was a wash out, gave up before I got to the start, soaked from Quedgeley to Hempsted, didn’t fancy 100k like that!

  2. Thanks Kev for remembering where on earth we went yesterday! Some beautiful countryside and ‘challenging’ climbs…..knowing I could push my bike up as quickly as I could ride it mind-you meant I never fell off due to going too slowly!
    The chilled can of lager at the finish seemed like a mirage on the horizon! However, it was for real- Happy Days!

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