BigfootMBC at the MiniORC

Hi, here follows a quick write up on the MiniORC local event.

There were 7 club riders who took part in the event: Jane B-T, Kath H, Louise M, Dave H, Dean A, Ian B,  and me.  The event was held at the Ebworth National Trust center (near Cranham) and was well signposted. The weather was a bit cloudy before the start and we all gathered together for a chat and cup of tea before the off.  There were a few other faces I new there as well, some of who I hadn’t seen for years, so it was nice to catch up briefly.

Jane was still injured from her session with Katy Curd (FoD training sesh the Wednesday evening before) but decided to have a go anyway.

Just as we started, it began to rain as we cycled along the double-track to the first woods.  At that point of reaching the woods the rain stopped and the sun came out.

We’d all set off individually and the only person I bumped in to again was Dave H as he flew past me uphill just before the turn on to a bit of techy downhill.  Dave was on a superlight MTB with not much travel, so I was soon back on his wheel before the bottom.  Until the next uphill of course (then I didn’t see him, or anyone else from the club again).


Just about all the climbing was on double-track so plenty of places for passing (or being passed in my case)!  The technical downhill was mostly all  technical single-track so I tended to stop and wait for riders to clear it so I could have an uninterrupted descent.  It’s at this point I should mention that the downhill bits were very tricky, however were very well done, and sooooo much fun.  I came across an ambulance and some poor bod waiting on a spine-board at the end of one of the downhills.  This seems to happen on every event these days 🙁  Hope it was just a precaution.  The track was relatively new, so it was quite loamy and there was a tendency for the front wheel to wash out when pushed hard on the downhill sections.  This only made it a bit more tricky and a bit more fun.

To wrap it up, I was very impressed with the event organisation and the effort that had been put in to making it a really fun day out.  First time I’ve rode with electronic timing chips, and they worked really well.   If you get a chance to do this next year, I would definitely recommend it.  One of the most fun events I’ve ever done.  Thanks to all who entered and to those who made it all happen.

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  1. Great write-up Kev and well done everyone, looks like a fantastic day out! Hopefully I won’t be double book next time. Hope the injured chap recovers soon.

  2. Well done team. I am especially proud of the Bigfoot ladies: Katharine, Jane and Louise. It must have been a baptism of fire.

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