Evans Ride-it Cotswolds’ Off-road

Ok, so a group of us entered the Evans event on Saturday comprising Jane, Kath, Louise, Huw, Kevin M, and me (with Kevin and Jane carrying nasty injuries).  It rained heavily all day before the race so didn’t really what conditions to expect.  Huw turned up a bit later while we were being briefed ready […]

BigfootMBC at the MiniORC

Hi, here follows a quick write up on the MiniORC local event. There were 7 club riders who took part in the event: Jane B-T, Kath H, Louise M, Dave H, Dean A, Ian B,  and me.  The event was held at the Ebworth National Trust center (near Cranham) and was well signposted. The weather was a bit cloudy before the […]

Evening course with Katy Curd

The ladies met up at the Pedalabikeway cycling centre for an evening with Katy Curd. The aim was to go over the stuff we did last time and progress to the next level. And we did. After a quick exchange of gossip we were heading over to the Freeminers trail. Katy took measure of us […]

July Club meeting

I had the Bigfoot barbecue on the agenda, but more as a wrap up and not for re-planning. After yesterday it has turned out to be back to the drawing board again. New date: Saturday, 5th of September. Location: Campsite in Cranham, at the B4070. Location will be confirmed. I have to ring the farmer. […]

The Long Mynd

Some people manage to create routes which seem to be uphill all the time. But let’s start from the beginning. We met at the bike shop in Marshbrook. When half our bikes were unpacked, we were asked to move our cars to the overflow car park. After some last minute bike maintenance by Dan, several […]