Ladies ride: to the Daneway Inn and back


Weather was not too good, but we girls are not made out of sugar. Elly, Lauren and I met at the car park near Waitrose. The goal of today was: ‘Make it effortless to the Pub and back.’ The path along the canal towards Sapperton is sort of flat, but has these tricky bits: low bridges followed but sudden and steep inclines which require a bit of balancing. I stalled mostly just one pedal stroke away from the top. I was riding my single speed. The path was pretty empty since the weather was not too pleasant. That will be different in good weather. Literally at the end of the path is the Daneway Inn. Except a man with his dog, we were the only customers. We had some tea to strengthen our souls for the way back, see picture (taken by man with dog). Then we raced back, to avoid a toilet stop before reaching our houses. It worked out.  Nice, gentle ride in pleasant company.

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  1. Looks good. The other Sunday club XC ride today also went well. Was Jason, Ian, Mike, Sam, Bruce and myself. We also started at Waitrose but an hour earlier, taking in canal paths, Selsley, Nympsfield, the electric-gate farm track, Nailsworth, Minchinghapton then back. Had some drizzle but other than that we had a good ride too.

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