More Leisure Lakes Demo Day reviews – by Pete

After reserving the last available place on Saturday’s demo day, I turned up wanting to get a few certain bikes but also throw in a few wild cards too as it’s a great opportunity to ride a bike you could never justify (more on that later). So first up for me was the Whyte T130, […]

Bigfoot FoD Video March 2015

Here’s a video by Darren B of us riding some of the downhills and the launchpad at the FoD PBA a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll offer my excuse now.  My foot came unclipped whilst jumping which is why I took the wooded route off the Launchpad…  Riding flatties now to up my skills!  

Leisure Lakes Demo Day at Cannock Chase

Myself, Ian and Pete booked up for the Demo Day just so we could have some fun trying out the latest bikes.  Pete was the only one actually looking to buy a new bike. Here’s my review of my rides :   Trek Fuel ex 9 – 650. I was very interested to know how […]

Ladies in Cranham

As I told you before: the ladies rides are open to all (see photo) 😉 Janet, Lauren and I met at the Royal William for the first ladies’ ride in Cranham. Janet, one of our club star riders, took Lauren and myself under her wings and showed us what Cranham has on offer. The trails […]

Bigfoot ladies in Standish

This ride turned a little bit into a dare. Laura, Ellie, Lauren and I met at the car park in Ash Lane. First we played around in the upper quarry and started daring each other to do steeper and steeper descents. Good warm up and lots of laughs. Then we rode a variation of the […]

FoD Bigfoot Weekly Play Day

Well, no surprises, we were back at the FoD today.  It was also the Chainreaction DH day and there were lots of new bikes to see from hard-tails to full DH bikes. Our group comprised Forest Dave, Darren and Jack B, Ian B, Paul W and myself.  We also met Ed  and Ian who were […]