Winter rules ride


Today’s Stroud valleys ride didn’t involve any hard-man shredding as such, but some good winter base miles, made better by not getting horrendously muddy. A mix of bikes for Jason, Sam and me, joined later by Tim at Edge as for some strange reason he didn’t want to head all the way down towards Quedgeley then back up the steep climb from Harescombe. Two 26″ full suspension, one 29er hardtail and one 700c cross bike all told – a proper mongrel mix.

Highlight: top cake at the Kitchen in Minchinhampton.

Lowlight: being chased by some pitbull-like creatures that emerged from a field near the top of the Yellow Brick Road – guess they probably belong to the caravans that are there at the moment.

And why the pic? Well, continuing an emerging trend in wildlife photos I guess, plus who doesn’t love a guinea pig in a hat?

Oh and I should probably credit the photo:

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  1. another great winter ride and CX friendly, what more go you want.

    Also there was the random man with a bird of prey in Standish woods.

  2. It’s minus the hat. I have been teaching my class about grams and kilograms. Randomly an Internet clip we watched stated that fact! …..learn something new everyday!

  3. Good stuff – I can go to sleep tonight knowing I’ve expanded my knowledge. A little bit 🙂

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