Playtime in the Forest of Dean for the ladies

A wild boar in autumn forest

Elly, Lauren and I met up at Speculation car park. The 11 am start made us miss the traffic caused by a Severn Bore. We just passed loads of parked cars and the first spectators coming back from the river. When we unpacked the bikes it felt cold. At the coffee shop we met Ed who was caught up in traffic and missed the Bigfoot downhill group. He looked already the part,i.e. muddy, and had a coffee break. And it was muddy, muddy, muddy. The Verderers’ is quite rough by now, but great fun, as always. We spiced it up by doing the table top section half way through the Verderers’ two times saving the Launch pad for last. And then we saw the wild boar, and I do not mean any of the Bigfooters who populated the forest today. First it was trotting along the trail and then arched around us. Magnificent and they taste good too. At the top of the Launch Pad which we reached by a probably not official and strange trail, we met the downhilling group. They had to head back, otherwise Darryl would have turned into a pumpkin or something worse. The Launch Pad is simply pure fun and was the grant finale of our ride. We would have liked a cup of tea but the coffee shop was packed and knowing their infamous processing speed we lost the will to live and head back home.

Great Bigfoot day out.

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  1. Kev looks different. He has a darker coat.
    I cannot find a comment with a time for the date at the coffee shop. The ladies are innocent!

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