February Club Meeting


Here are the minutes of our February club meeting:

Seven members were present: Susanne, Dan, Kev, Janet, Ian, Ian and Steve.

We discussed:

Start times of the night rides: Kev put a vote up on the webpage and the majority of riders voted for the slightly later time of 6:30.  We have also decided that from now on the Tuesday night rides will be ‘rainbow’ rides. To give all riders a chance to ride according their abilities, ladies and gentlemen will start at the same time. The ladies ride will be green and led by Susanne, Kev will lead the blue ride for the gentlemen and Paul the red ride for the gentlemen.  Ladies, if you really can’t make 6:30 then we will stick to 7pm, but it is nice to start all together. I promise, green will stay green and no one will be left behind in any of the groups.

Rejoining gift: We have decided that we will order only 50 rejoining gifts since all committee members have still surplus gifts of past years in their garages. Only members who rejoin before the 1st of May will get a gift for sure, after the 1st of May it will be subject to availability.

Bigfoot vintage bike ride: There is a story to tell. It all started with me taking part in the ‘Eroica Britannia’ last year, http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2014/06/leroica-britannia/, a vintage bike ride. I was great fun and Janet and I decided to do it together this year. Janet bought a vintage bike and she monitored the Eroica webpage really carefully to be ready to register. But then our wings were clipped. It was not cheap last year, £75 per rider but it included parking, camping and festival passes for the support team as well. This year they want £60 for the ride, £15 for parking and £60 for camping. This is definitely beyond our pain threshold.  Therefore we have decided to have our own vintage ride on Sunday the 21st of June 2015.

The rules are: The bicycle has to be either vintage style or be built before 1990. The outfit has to match the bike, for example with an eighties bike you can wear neon Lycra, or you can come in fancy dress. Start thinking about your outfits and bikes now. If you want to splash out on a vintage bike, have a look at the Gloucester Bike Project, http://www.gloucestershirebikeproject.co.uk/, or try your luck with ebay. For the gentlemen I suggest wool or tweed and moustache.

Janet and I will plan the route carefully (our vintage bikes weigh about 30kg and have homoeopathic gears)  and organize a pub stop and a coffee stop. It will be fun and we will be quite a sight.

Courses: I am in the process of organizing a ladies only skills course with Katy Curd in the Forest of Dean. Gentlemen, please let me know whether I should organize a similar course for gentlemen as well. SteveW will organize a skills course for all people interested in jumping  later in the year. Just let us know what you are interested in. As a club we have the advantage of numbers and the different instructors are happy to customize the courses.

Trips to Scotland/Alps: It looks like the Alps trip will take place on the 1st of August for 7 days. The Scotland trip is shifted to the end of August. Keep an eye on the calendar and on http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2015/01/bigfoot-alps-adventure-2015-for-all-the-club-morzine-its-scotland-on-steriods/. Jason would like to book the Alps trip by the end of February, so get your holidays sorted and let him know whether you would like to come along.

Members: 97 at the moment. Come on, let’s make it to 100.

Money: Our treasurer could not make it, but will let us know in due course.

I think that’s it.

See yo all on the trails.

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  1. The vintage ride, any courses, and the new weekday grading system all good with me. Could the vintage ride be ridden by silly bikes, I have an extra long bike with motorcycle adventure Ali panniers, and a massive front box that I used to carry my dog in down canal paths, I can dress equally stupid?!? Ian

  2. With regards to the Tuesday evening rides, just want to point out that although the rides are nominally labeled “ladies” “gentlemen” “gentlemen”, that’s not strictly the case. Really they are for every man, woman or beast that can ride off-road with suitable proficiency. So for example, if I wanted to take it easy I might join the ladies green ride (even though I’m a bloke) 🙂
    They are set to all start at the same time and place, so there is a grade choice for everyone, numbers allowing. Dan – membership@bigfootmbc.co.uk

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