Bigfoot Away day to Shropshire’s famous Long Mynd / 8 -2- 2015.



Bigfoot Away day to the famous LONG MYND Shropshire 8/2/2015.

After casing the area last Dec, in impossible fog for a possible club away day it was time to put Long Mynd to the test in some cracking weather.

Five turned up, Daryl, Hew, Ian, Kev and myself Paul and we set off in cold crisp weather, as we climbed up the first off road section we were shocked with snow, not the soft type but crispy and damn tricky to ride on and this became the main cause of our slow progress most the day but more of that later.

We reached the gliding club and found a frozen lake of which took all of our combined weight ( it was pretty thick mind ) so we did have a photo shoot moment and when we reached the view point at the top the views were well simply stunning and on our travels we found a stuck Landrover Discovery bogged down in the deep snow tee hee.

As we worked our way up down and around the trails we dropped down what seemed at first a great long downhill trail but then sheet black ice saw us all slithering about and some coming off worse than others not mentioning any names LOL and Ian Wild Smith by name and nature it seems zooming across the ice at warp speed (oh man it was scary to watch ) and after the drop down and a little road section it was time for more climbing back up to the top in the warm sun but the trail was soft like sponge up through the Golf course.

After more techy climbs and drops and even more falling off on wet grass and foot deep snow we skirted round to the other side of Long Mynd and as we climbed again up the very long grass section more tricky snow and this had now slightly melted to create a slithery icy challenge of which I will hold my hand up I had my fair share of funny soft falls in the deep snow and kept us all well entertained and so it was back to the last downhill techy trail of which we had been warned was the scene of a mountain rescue with the air ambulance in attendance for a Rider with a broken leg.

On that note it was dropper post’s down and go steady and in no time we were faced with a helicopter perched in a valley by a little river ( how the heck they landed it there beats me ) also half the county’s fire brigade, Ambulance service and Mountain rescue teams with dogs and Pinzzanger 4×4 ambulance’s WOW what a big response and a very very shiny Helicopter.

Last sections done it was back to the trail centre all cleaned up and in the pub for a well deserved pint, well a cuppa for me ( driving ).

Thanks all for a truly fantastic days entertainment.




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  1. Thanks to Kev and Paul for organising, and Huw and Paul for driving. Also everyone for the entertainment value!

  2. looks like you had great fun chaps nice one. If you don’t mind i would like to use some of the pictures on the Facebook feed? If you have any others you would like me to use please just email them across

  3. Well the Long Mynd didn’t disappoint, spectacular views, missed last time due to low cloud and fog, however just to make it a little harder the weather decided to throw in compact, crunchy snow and a lot of ice just to mix it up a bit! It made for some bum clenching nervous moments on a few down hills, but we all lived to ride another day!
    Cracking days riding with good company and a barrel of laughs and not all at my expense this time!
    I did have a bout of sickness at the top of the Golf course and felt terrible for the remainder of the day and really struggled keeping up, thanks everyone for bearing with me.When I got home and started to clean my stuff I notice that my camel pack bladder had loads of mold in the bladder and in the bite piece, this clearly gave me an upset stomach and made me ill, (its in a bath of Milton fluid now), so a lesson learned for me on this piece of kit!
    Cannot wait for the next away day!
    Cheers guys.

  4. Great riding with superb views and just a few aches and pains today!

    The final singletrack was just sublime 🙂

    Thanks All, a grand day out – would be good to go back in the Springtime…

  5. Grabbing the pics of Paul tonight. I’ll make them available via the cloud. Don’t worry, I’ll send you the link.

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