Stroud Lane Ride


3 ladies (Janet, Elly and myself) and 3 gentlemen (Kev, Ian and Huw) met up for a Stroud lane ride. Janet and I used our hybrids and the rest were on mountain bikes. This time we did the loop clockwise. It felt easier, but it was still cold and the climbing did not disappear. We saw a Volkswagen stretch van decorated for a wedding. Nice car but awful weather for a wedding. Ian entertained us with his story of driving brides maids in a camper van to a wedding.  Long story short, they were late at the end. 12:15 we were back in Nailsworth. We had actually skipped a climbing loop. As a little extension we chose to climb out of Nailsworth and head for Selsley. The road in Nailsworth was really busy. A game at the Forest Green football club was imminent .  And then the wind hit us. It came sideways or head on. Not nice. Strangely enough the extension looks as big as the original ride on the GPS map.

Good ride again in very pleasant company.


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  1. SOFA ! Chance would be fine lol, I would have loved to join you but all all weekend chasing out walls with a GBH 4 hammer drill and plumbing is great fun NOT.
    Hope you had fun ,

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