Bigfoot New Years Honours – 2015, let the voting begin!


Err, not Strictly anything to do with that…

Here we go folks – as always the most essential part of the Bigfoot ‘Chrismtas’ Doo is the annual awards that are given to recognise those selfless people that help keep the club moving on…

All members are eligible to vote (just the once mind) and there’s even an option to give an award to someone who doesn’t necessarily fit into one of the existing categories that we have. So dive in and get voting!

Please use the comments section at the bottom to discuss candidates who you think would be worthy of recognition, I’ll start off with a few in a sec.


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  1. some thoughts as as starter for 10:
    John L (again) for his continued representation at the 4x races throughout the year
    The Bigfoot Ladies (Janet, Ali, Sarah J and Janets friend (sorry name has escaped me)) for their 1st place at the Bristol Bikefest in the Summer
    Crashes – oh the list seems endless again – William D for his massive face plant at Inners, Matt R for his A&E at Glentress, Ad for something that was bad again, me for A&E and crash at the Velo, and i am sure there are many more….
    Kev and Paul W for keeping the Tuesday rides going duriing the the year

    William D after his Inners off:


  2. What happened to Matt R/Will??

    Mike H for his aneurism and then recovering and getting back on his bike…

    Mechanicals: Me for snapping a chain ring.

  3. Ewww! I’m sure William will thank you for putting that pic up! The votes are starting to roll in but keep ’em coming folks…

  4. Done. Thanks for all your support over the past year. I’m afraid the party clashes with my works bash this year.

  5. Ha ha, I gave Jason permission to put that picture up Andrew.
    Chipped teeth, big hole between nose n lip & shredded chin needed plastic surgery. Bec’s not happy with the finished job:)
    Oh, n found out I fractured my Jaw as well.

    Mike is awesome:) But that was not a bike injury? If so, gets my vote!
    Steve chipped his hip bone & had the mother of bruises to show for it at the FOD
    Matt tried stealing some of the trails at Glentress and hid it in his arm!

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