June meeting notes – Suns Out, Guns Out


You could be this cool with Bigfoot MBC

Membership (Dan A)
We have a cracking 79 memberships processed with still more people coming through on rides. There is still oddles of interest from new people wanting to come along on rides, so let’s keep the ride calendar well stocked with all grades of rides as this certainly has helped, along with a good splash of warm and dry weather. Dan has also culled people’s access from the web site now who are no longer members and the same will apply to the Strava feed.
If you need to re-join then click here http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2014Membership.pdf

Cash flow (Matt R)
All banking done and up-to-date thus far. We are over the £1200 in the bank which is being allocated for:
Club kit subsidy (http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/forum/yeti-chat/some-club-kit-hanging-around/page-3/) = around £300 inc a few spares which we will get cash back.
Project 417 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flyup-417-project ) support = £100
Bigfoot Stickers = £250
Bigfoot water bottles = £200
Bigfoot fun day Sun 7th Sept (http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/ai1ec_event/bigfoot-bbq-and-20th-anniversary-fun-day/?instance_id=2021) = £300
General club expenses = £150

Media (Steve W and Andy M)
Member’s stickers with the new logo and colours and water bottle joining gift as well all done and now being distributed. If you need one tag on the ride notes so people know to bring them along.


Club kit order has been placed with Kalas so a 6 week delivery time (from 13th June) http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/forum/yeti-chat/some-club-kit-hanging-around/

Web site, Andrew M has been doing some more subtle changes to the 1 and 0 to keep us in check.

Bigfoot Fun day – Sunday 7th Sept
Separate post to follow but mark in your diary and it’s at Redhill this year for a change and to support a local venue that is great for all, has tons of space and will suit our needs really well. Usual drill of cakes, BBQ, riding, shopper challenge, sports, riding, sunshine, fun and frolics and I am sure other stuff to boot.
Flyup 417 Project
When the 417 Project is complete we will have the best mountain bike venue in the UK and in one of the most accessible places. Located just outside Cheltenham, Gloucestershire we now own 100 acres of private land to mould into the venue we all really want to ride. On our grand opening, the 417 Project will boast:
• 6 Downhill tracks, uplifted by the slick Flyup service you have all grown to know.
• A push up track for those that want their gravity fix without the lift.
• A 4X and Dual Slalom track, both accessed from our drag lift.
• A 2 acre Dirt Jump arena
• 1000m2 of indoor riding, From simple pump tracks to full on pro lines
• An indoor chill out area with sofas, coffee and drinks, heated of course for those cold winter sessions.
• A mezzanine level in one barn with viewing area and intimate cinema to showcase the latest productions in the riding world.
• An airbag arena with multiple lines.
• A 4 acre free ride area with enough progression for all.
• An on site Bike shop with full workshop facilities.
• An on site cafe with home cooked food and vegetables picked fresh from our on site vegetable garden.
General club rides have come together really well and we have rides now going up weekly to suit all tastes so thank you all for coming forward and helping to spread the load, variety and taste of rides. More ride leaders are always welcome, even if it’s once a month so if you spot a gap either Tue, Wed or Sat or Sunday post away or just ask me for some help. Remember to use the grading system http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/rides/ on a ride and that ride must be for that. If you want another grade (maybe from the same location) add as second ride in with the new leader and grade so it’s clear to all. Also we have Redihll coming on the ride guide and more jumpy/dropping/skillz session at Stinchcombe, North Nibley and Ribbersford now it’s drying up.

Also weekly road rides as we seem to all being turning into the new Froomes and Wiggos for the summer. Again these are suitable for all abilities.

Introductory rides:
14th June – INTRODUCTORY XC RIDE – The George, Birdlip – 2 hours (and for club riders as well)
15th June – Ladies only – http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/ai1ec_event/ladies-only/?instance_id=2049

Scotland XC long weekender trip – have 18 people paid and signed up, there is still space for a few more so if you want to come along post away in the forum link. It’s suitable for all grades. http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/forum/yeti-chat/bigfoot-scotland-31-july-2014-700-am-4-august-2014-1230-pm/page-3/#p9958

Wales XC weekender 12-14 July June – The Double D’s are looking at this
“Me and Dan A have been talking about organizing a 3 day trip from the 12 – 14th July. The plan is so far to Travel to Canock Chase on the Saturday morning, then ride the trails there for most of the day. following that we will then drive to Coed Y Brenin where we will stay at the local campsite which is fantastic with amazing scenery etc. http://caegwynfarm.co.uk/ we stayed there last year and the people that run it are incredibly helpful and friendly. The Sunday morning we will then ride the trails at the Coed Y Brenin trail centre. The Monday we are then thinking of driving to Penmachno which I haven’t ridden, and ride the red trail.  I know this is very close to Scotland so obviously not expecting huge numbers for this trip but if you would like to join us then you’re more than welcome and obviously you don’t have to come for all 3 days you can just come for the day!”

UK Bike Skills Coaching Day
Steve W has been the driving force for this and all who have been have said it’s been fantastic. Last one on the 7th June was really well appreciated by the gang, see blog link for the full details http://ukbikeskills.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/another-group-of-guys-from-bigfoot.html

XC Away days:
28th June – Afan Blade and Skyline – http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/ai1ec_event/afan-bladeskyline/?instance_id=2123
5th July – Long Mynd XC – http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/ai1ec_event/long-mynd-xc-awayday/?instance_id=1998

Road events:
20 June – Eastcycles Runway Rumble – http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/ai1ec_event/eastgate-cycles-runway-rumble/?instance_id=1691
29 June – Tour de France Lynch, Charlford Stroud 85k and 50k loop – http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/ai1ec_event/tour-de-france-lynch-charlford-stroud-85k-and-50k-loop/?instance_id=2125


Ride Etiquette:

It’s always good to remind and educate ourselves on what riding etiquette for both on and off road. A lot of us are new to this game so it helps having a read and trying to stick to these so we don’t all get lost, annoy other users of the roads and off road routes and help the ride leader out as well.

Riding in a group brings a fantastic social dynamic to cycling, helps build skills and fitness, and is lots of fun. But even the most relaxed ride depends upon some basic ride etiquette to roll smoothly.

1. If you’re leading the ride it’s best to briefly discuss the route and agree on a finish time before you set off, but beyond that don’t sweat the detail too much: a bit of spontaneity makes the ride more fun.
2. Short note to persistent lateness offenders, stopping to use your phone offenders and got no cash/inner tube/tyre lever offenders. When everyone says they don’t mind? Eventually, they probably will.
3. Ride pace tends to determine itself depending upon who comes out and how many ride. In my experience a smaller group is almost always quicker, while larger rides tend to be more relaxed and chatty.
4. Always at the back and fed up of looking at bums disappearing into the distance? Ask the more experienced riders for a few tips on upping your pace. The best advice is unlikely to be ‘go and buy a really expensive new bike’ – sometimes even a minor adjustment to your riding style or set up will be all it takes. If you’re still keeping everyone waiting then it may be worth building your fitness and skills before riding with the group again, or find a group more suited to your pace.
5. Give a short briefing at the beginning of the ride so everyone knows what to expect.
It’s really important to stay together, both for safety and group politics. If you’re heading up the front of the ride or pulling away from the group then always wait at the next junction for everyone to catch up. And if someone needs to head back to the car park, make sure someone goes back with them.
6. If you’re about to ride a technical trail then brief everyone who is new to it at the top of the trail. That way more experienced riders can go first and show how its done while less able riders will have the opportunity to either have a go or choose an easier route. If you end up behind a slower rider don’t shadow their back wheel, it only ups the pressure on them. Best to hang back and give both of you space to enjoy the trail until you can overtake safely.
7. A pacey ride will only stop to give everyone an opportunity to catch up and get their breath back or to sort a technical issue. If you find yourself ten minutes into a rant about your Tesco delivery and everyone else has started to shiver and look off into the distance then read the signs: it’s time to move off.
8. Think like a team player and drop back every so often to offer slower riders a bit of camaraderie on a hard climb or when they’re flagging. We’ve all struggled at the back and a bit of support not only helps keep the ride moving but is also the sort of generous gesture that makes the world a better place to be.


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