L’Eroica Britannia

If you ever want to do something weird, wonderful, eccentric and go cycling at the same time, do the L’Eroica Britannia. I had heard about the Italian one before and it was on my to do list. When I came across the British one, I jumped at it but was not aware that the 2014 one was the first one ever in […]

Fort William 2014 4X Pro Tour Round 3

John Lord’s report from off of the Forum – I thought more people should see it 😉 This year I had the chance to race in the British round of the 4X Pro Tour (formerly 4X world cup) so I asked around & managed to get a lift up with Alistair Keen of John Atkins […]

Cat and Jon cycle non-stop from London to Paris for Sands

Hello Bigfooters! Many of you will know that Jon and I have been going through an infinitely sad time recently. In an effort to channel our grief into something positive, we’re going to cycle from London to Paris in 24h next month (planned for 23-24 July). If our legs hold out, that is… This is where […]

June meeting notes – Suns Out, Guns Out

Membership (Dan A) We have a cracking 79 memberships processed with still more people coming through on rides. There is still oddles of interest from new people wanting to come along on rides, so let’s keep the ride calendar well stocked with all grades of rides as this certainly has helped, along with a good […]

Ride for Albert!!

Three Bigfooters, Dom, Huw and myself will be cycling as part of an 8 man team (2 teams of 4) at this Saturdays 12 hour Bikefest event. Please see below details: We are Riding for Albert so please give generously if you can. It’s all for him!! We are a group of close friends to […]