The EZ sort of road ride

Since mud levels are high at the moment, but the weather is too good for not riding, the Easy Riders tried a sort of road ride. The length was not as ambitious as the proper road ride taking place today, but at the end we clocked up between 50 and 70 km. We met at […]

Ridgeway with stop at Swindon hospital

The weather predictions had changed almost hourly so we decided to go ahead with the ride hoping for the best. When we met at the car park, it started raining. In Stroud and Gloucester it was dry when we left. Nevertheless the Ridgeway was not deserted. We met only two other riders but plenty of […]

Bigfoot Joining Gift … the wait is finally over!!

The BF water bottle will be distributed around key members and ride leaders within the next few weeks. So if you joined within the allotted time frame (Dan A will have this info) then be sure to pick up your FREE membership gift!! What other bike club treats its members so well!! šŸ˜€ P.S. Stickers […]

Ladies only

To attract more female riders, I thought it could be a good idea to organize ladies only rides. Most of us are in the situation that our partners, husbands, brothers, sons etc. have done mountain biking for years and have forgottenĀ that they did not zoom up every hill and bombed down every cliff face when […]

The Wild Boar Chase in the Forest of Dean

What a brilliant day. The weather was hot, hot, hot. I am glowing in the dark by the way. It serves me right for not putting sun cream factor 100 on. We had a really good turn out, three Bigfoot ladies, Janet, Diane and myself, the youth squad and quite a few Bigfoot boys. I […]

The HONC bike

On Thursday Leon received the bicycle he won at the last HONC. It was delivered to Noah’s. Patrick from Cheltenham & County Cycling Club and Jim from Winchcombe Cycling Club came there to hand it over and shake Leon’s hand. They hope that Leon’s lucky draw will attract more juniors to take part next year […]