March Meeting Notes


Membership (Dan A)

So far we have 43 memberships processed or being processed, with a large number re-joining early and a number of newbies as well, so we are well on the way to getting back up to the 77 members we had last year.

And as we are about to start a new membership year please can all existing members complete the new membership form and return ASAP.  For those joining by the end of April you will get a superb gift.  Don’t delay…tell you what do it now! To open a membership form in PDF format click here!

Cash flow (Matt R)

All banking done and up-to-date thus far.  We are over the £900 mark, and rapidly heading for the big 1K!! Some of this will start to disappear as Janet writes cheques to CTC. But still, it’s a healthy amount.

This money will be used to sub the gift for joining this year and to help with the general day to day costs of running the club, as well as some new stickers and other items we think we need to buy as a club for this coming year.  We have our 20th Anniversary as well so extra cash will be diverted for the big event.  Also we will use some cash to sub the club kit order that is being pulled together

Media (Andy M and Steve W)

New web site now live and looking dapper.  Some tweaking still being done by Andy to improve but hopefully you all have found you way around it and love the new feel, especially as it works well now on mobile devices.  Andy is still not happy with the calendar plug due to it being slow and thus causing the web site to not be as quick as we would expect.  He is looking at a number of replacements.

Stickers with the new logo and club colours being generated by our media guru Steve W.  This will be issued with the membership pack for every member when they renew.

The SHOP link on our web site has been revamped for new goodies and logo’s. .  Some people have order some new merchandise so will be good to get some feedback on the quality.


The general club rides have now come together really well, we have rides now going up weekly to suit all tastes so thank you all for coming forward and helping to spread the load, variety and taste of rides.  More ride leaders are always welcome, even if it’s once a month so if you spot a gap either Tue, Wed or Sat or Sunday post away or just ask me for some help.  Remember to use the grading system on a ride and that ride must be for that.  If you want another grade (maybe from the same location) add as second ride in with the new leader and grade so it’s clear to all.

We have our away weekend away to Wales soon and other events so keep a close eye on the web site and get yourselves signed up

And remember Bristol Bike Fest, get your teams in early doors:


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