LVIS Audax 2014


One seriously large and heavy piece of cake

The LVIS Audax is somewhat of a Bigfoot tradition and a staple in the Bigfoot ride calendar each year – probably because they have the best cake selection of any event in the world…period….. not due to the fact it’s a great local event.  It also makes a great start to the spring road riding session being low cost, fun, relaxed but slightly tough road Audax run by those muckers LVIS in Bristol .  And from Peter N’s point of view a great way to start on those razor sharp road riding tan lines.

This year they had the traditional 200K and 115K routes but also added a second 115K loop which headed south of Bristol towards Glastonbury and the Somerset levels.  This South route makes up the 2nd part of the 200K and was one most of us signed up for as it was something a bit different to the rides we had completed in the past that head north of Bristol.

Unlike last year which was a bitter winter fest with snow and ice (and most of us bailed expect a few hardy souls) we had the return of glorious weather – sunshine, little wind and the opportunity to start a ride in full summer riding gear.

The rides started at set times, the 200K lot starting earlier, the North 115K loop which our Andrew M rode as we wanted more hill training at 09:30 and then the 10:30 release was for the riders taking part in the Southern loop.

There was a great gaggle of Bigfoot riders at the start line including Andrew M (gone already), Mashy, Malc, Mike C, Janet, Ian, Mark S, Peter N, Mike P, Train Driver Rob.  A few other riders had signed up for one reason of another didn’t quite make it…and a pity as it was A1 conditions.

The South route was a delight, which started with heading pass Chew Magna Lake, a climb over the Mendips to then be greeted by a stunning vista over the Somerset levels and Glastonbury Tor in the distance.  Miles upon miles of dry, quiet and beautiful back roads allowed us all to make a quick jaunt to the first feed station at Glastonbury…and yes copious amounts of cake thanks to Bristol Rowing Club.

The second half of the ride was more of the Somerset levels, so blasting out quick dead flat miles and then finally a climb around Portbury back to the finish…. and yes yet more copious amounts of cake to great us at the end.

Hopefully I speak for all who entered to say it was a top, top days riding and the Ian/Janet tandem rocket was certainly in full race mode.  See you all again next year and I will add more pictures as they start filtering via LVIS…again probably all of mouth-watering cake!


Ready for the Off


The South loop riders getting ready


Peter and Mark – finishing with a smile


Peter and Mark and our Rob – also finishing with a smile


South Loop Route


Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added a couple of cake pics from the Glastonbury stop {mikep}


Glastonbury cake


Glastonbury cake


Glastonbury cake


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  1. A grand day out, and an outstanding array of cakes, both at the start/finish and at the Glastonbury halfway point.

  2. Yes, great day, lovely cake, and a day later the tan lines are coming through quite nicely now 🙂

  3. Sorry to have missed it this year but I thought of you all as I looked at the monkeys in Bristol zoo 😉

  4. Note to oneself not everyone riding a bike on the same road as you is riding the same event, i followed a small group who took me to a grass track race 3 miles past the lake, i retraced my steps only to meet another lost traveller. We eventually found the correct path and started to pick off a few stragglers, i had the only route and had to wait for him to catch The Bigfoot Bomber. No cake was eaten and had completed 81 miles. Next time i will stick with Malcom and Mike as Malc was reading the instructions for the first 8 miles. #buyagarminyoucheapskate

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