Green Verderer’s

I was told by ex-army that not being 5 min early is being late, but being 4 hours early is overdoing it. Squiz and Aron were on autopilot and thought that the ride started at 10 am. But hey, the weather was glorious and the certainly did not miss out. The rest of us  turned up in Speculation car park, as agreed, at 2 pm. I have not been on the Verderer’s for a year now. I would not call it blue any more. It shows a lot of wear and tear and  sports some new tricky steps and guess what, potholes. Still we made the loop without any falls. Others were not so lucky. On the last down hill bit, we were waved down by some one from the forestry commission and asked to walk past paramedics and a casualty. A young lady had an unlucky fall. When Aron and I passed they were putting a neck brace on her. Daniel was asked to guide the ambulance to the casualty but they had then to attend a little girl who, at the beginning of the Verderer’s , had collided with a tree. Most of us had enough after one loop. Daniel and Leon did the Freeminer trail and William and I did the Family trail as a warm down. Thanks to everyone for coming and for making it such a pleasant ride. See you all soon.

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  1. Thanks to all & especially Susanne for putting this ride up. Hope the casualties were not too serious & see everyone soon.

  2. Yeh, it’s a bit shocking to see people down, especially young ladies. The first one had blood on her face and teeth, was shaking and staring at the sky whilst paramedics supported her head and wrapped her in a space blanket. Trees down prevented the ambulances getting as close as they would normally. The pedalabikeaway chap seemed quite cheery as he directed us around the accident scene. I guess he sees a lot of this? The other crash was a young girl who seemed to crash at the first berms of the Verderers into a tree. All I heard from her as the paramedics attended was “ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…” So anyway, I hope they’re OK, but I also thought it was good for my lads to see what can happen, as the time before, Leon was going so fast on his Orange5 that he lost control and strategically threw himself into the bushes (his words). No significant falls this time though, just fun riding. Well, fun apart from the rough ride my arms were getting on the rigid bike towards the end!

  3. If there was ever a day to be 4 hours early it was yesterday. Did some off beat trails up by Mile End and a Flatlanders run which was nice. Verderers is getting a bit ‘old’. Aron pulled a blinder at the top HD tabletop track. There was a load of DH guys waiting at the end which was very muddy. Aron thought he’d come of the last table top and execute a cool sharp turn to the right to finish off. Lol, straight on his arse skidding along the ground in front of them. They found it very entertaining. I off course was very concerned, but you couldn’t see that because I was laughing so much!

    Spent a small fortune at the cafe 🙁

    Great day out. Beautiful weather. Hope the casualties are OK.

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