First super light green ride of the year.

Thank you gentlemen for coming. An afternoon start has worked well for me. Either my good looks or the sunny weather attracted 10 riders ( I think it was the weather). We used Water Lane to climb up to Selsley and it was, true to its name, the only wet and muddy bit of the whole ride. Selsley common and the forest were surprisingly empty. We stopped at Guiseppe’s. He did not seem too pleased to see us since he was getting the restaurant and kitchen ready for some party. But still, the cakes were brilliant. We stayed outside and saw several glider starts. From there it was back into the forest. We did the gated loop, you know the one with the electric gate which opens magically, and were back at the start after 2 h and 10 min. I will definitely put more super light green rides up. I need to get my leg strength back and it is much more fun with nice company.

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  1. Yep, an enjoyable ride for all, thanks Susanne. Wonderful views, sunshine, coffee, cake, with first remote control gliders and and then real gliders to look at. šŸ™‚ Interesting to see that chap on the brand new “fat bike” steam up the Selsley hill. A grand loop. This time I had some followers on that extra single track bit on the Nailsworth bike path, and they nearly saw me crash there again. Went back to do it again as practice makes perfect and no probs the second time.

    I also wanted to do this morning’s blue ride with TerryK but can’t do them all unfortunately. I must say that as a club we are doing quite well with providing lots of rides at all grades, with a green and a blue ride today, and something that might be called a dark-blue tomorrow. Something for everyone, and the trails are dry, so no excuses guys and gals šŸ™‚

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