Cirencester Duathlon – February round…

Considering the last time I did this race me and Dom ended up with hyperthermia and double pneumonia, it’s probably not surprising that I was the lone Bigfooter this time round. Lone but not lonely, as I spotted many other folks from my running club plus Corinium CC, Cotswold Veldrijden and Ride 24/7. One of Graham’s Slam 69’er chaps was humming along on a fat bike (that must have been hard work!). And it was good to spot that lapsed ‘footer Steve ‘silk’ Hurley hasn’t retired just yet and is out there representing ‘short, fat, bald blokes’ everywhere (his words, honest!).

Me, being muddy, on a bike, like.

Me, being muddy, on a bike, like.

Given the storms we’d had recently I nearly didn’t make it to the start line, but figuring it couldn’t be any worse than last year I rocked up early so I could bag a good place to rack my bike up. The format is still the 2 mile off road run, 10 mile XC bike and 2 mile run again, following the usual course. The only change this year was they’d put in a road diversion to avoid one of the muddiest sections towards the end of the bike lap, which was a shame ‘cos it was one of my favourites 😉

Always grateful to see the finish line ;-)

Always grateful to see the finish line, not sure I’m quite muddy enough though 😉

As always, not the most technical of courses but it does mean that you can get away with running silly narrow tyres for extra speed and to help cut through the  mud. Chatting to one of the guys on a CX bike with flat bars on I realised that my tyres might even be too narrow ‘cos UCI regs have a minimum width of 1.5″ to qualify something as a MTB. Hopefully I’ll never be placed high enough to have to worry about that (Triathlon rules ban CX bikes from off road events).

Good to see Next Day Tyres main man Steve H out there doing it for 'short, fat, bald blokes' everywhere!

Good to see Next Day Tyres main man Steve H out there doing it for ‘short, fat, bald blokes’ everywhere!

The latest storm had passed us over by the time the race started and the weather was behaving itself, it was almost pleasant… The course was super slippery as always but I managed to pace a nice even effort and bagged up 26th spot overall (11th in MVet40+) in 1:23:19, nearly 10 min quicker than last year!

Steve Hurley used his time tested ‘no training’ method to still pick a respectable 63rd spot overall with 10th MVet50+ in 1:39:23

Always on the look out for any other off road multisport events so do let me know if you’ve spotted one you like the look of…

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  1. Nice one Andrew. First pic looks like you are crooning a relaxing Sinatra song to yourself – Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive? Second pic has that steely thousand yard stare. Well done!

  2. Cheers Mike! …it’s funny seeing the various expressions on the photo’s. I think the ‘whistling guinea pig’ is a very popular look on the bike 😉

    For the run I’m 50m away from the finish and making sure no-one’s getting round me!

  3. The fat bike that looked hardwork… finished 22nd, far easier than one imagines. if you fancy a try we have 2 demo’s. Once you go fat you never go back. lol

  4. So he could have won it if he’d been on a sensible bike then?

    Heh, fair play – it’s funny ‘cos I was trying to find the skinniest tyres not ones 4″ wide 😉

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