Bike Park Wales; a must before you die!


Well folks, what a day! There were six BigFooters in total, Me, Dom, Dan W, Janet, Ian and Ed, plus about 10 others mtb buddies. We all arrived in good time with perfect trail conditions ahead of us.

After we got suited and booted, we made our way up to the uplift start point. The little piece of single track on the way gave us all a little snippet of what to expect further up the mountain. Once at the top we were faced with 5 trail start points, 2 blues, 2 blacks and one red. We all decided to dial ourselves in and rode Sixtapod; the most flowing blue trail in the park.

Dom fulfilled my predictions almost immediately by hooting and hollering nearly all the way down. This trail was a favourite last time i rode here, and i think this was the case with everyone else too by the end of the day. It’s very fast and twisty with no nasty surprises. At around 8 -10 minutes (8 minutes for me, 10 minutes for Dan W – haha (joke) it is also the longest trail. Back up we went, down a different trail, back up we went, down a different trail; you get the gist.

Despite my repeated attempts, Dom and Dan W resisted the black runs all morning, none-the-less we had an ace time riding blues and reds. Lunch time arrived and we all regrouped at the cafe; only to hear Janet, Ed and Ian black trail tails! Desperate measures were needed here, and an insult or two to get those boys asses down the blacks. Maybe someone mentioned, (cough cough) that ‘he’ would ride with Janet after lunch, because she had bigger balls … or something like that! Anyway, needless to say, after lunch we hurtled down the black runs, one after another – whoop whoop! Mission accomplished 🙂

At the beginning of ‘Enter the Dragon’ (my fav) there are 4 (or 5) huge jumps, two of which are almost identical to the last 30ft table top at RedHill. The rest of the run was tight, gnarly and twisty, with a few man (or woman) height drops. I managed to ride it cleanly all the way down with no mishaps, thank god. Then back up we went for more black acton!

Due to the dark nights the uplift closed at 4pm. Having got to the top at 3:49 i was determined to get one last run in. So we all hurtled down the red as fast as we could. I managed to beat a group of riders to the uplift, with Dom and Dan W a few meter behind them. Unfortunately there was only one space which Dan W grasped with both hands. Just as well really, because Dom’s adrenaline rushes had finished him off.

So off Dan W (and other buddies) and I went, down Sixtapod for the last time, in virtual darkness through the wooded areas. That was interesting, but a perfect ending to a perfect day.

All in all a wicked time was had by all. We all couldn’t believe how tired we all were, and with no climbing to speak of either.

So, when is the next trip i hear you ask!! Well, i was thinking of lining up a BigFoot trip in February/March. So watch this space. You will NOT be disappointed!! 🙂


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  1. Put Feb 23 in your diary Jason. I’ll add a post in the next few days…
    49 spaces available, lets see if we can occupy half of them!!

  2. Sounds great Steve. Not sure about the huge jumps and man sized drops though! Otherwise looks like there is plenty of good stuff too keep me “high”. Did you take a full face helmet?

  3. “A must before you die”, sounds like a threat! OK, all booked for Feb 23rd. What tyres are you going to be running Steve? Minion’s, High Rollers…? The Minion’s might be over the top if it’s a nice hard packed man made trail.

  4. …or a promise? 😉
    The first time i rode with Highrollers 2.35 front and rear. They were perfect. However, the last time I fitted 2.5 minions front and rear … WOW! The grip was immense, and the conditions were similar on both occasions.
    Yes, the blue runs are fast flowing, hard packed trails, but when you push the envelope you’re still sliding around corners, and therefore appreciate the extra grip. Either are suitable Danno, but the only thing i would say is make sure they’re wide and not skinny. The red and blacks are rocky in places…

  5. Wow, I’m surprised you had the clearance for 2.5’s I’ll have to check whether they’d fit my beast. Cheers Steve

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