November Monthly Meeting Sum Up



Christmas Party:

Now if you haven’t been paying attention, the Bigfoot Christmas Party is rapidly catching us up. If you haven’t signed up yet (including your beloved partner, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or animal friend) then why not? The web site is plastered with various posts so please get your names down ASAP, with your menu choice and deposits and come and support the night.


Annual Bigfoot Awards

Goes hand in hand with the above posting, the Christmas Party is also the time we present members of the club with awards for successes, failures and general being great. A post is up on the web site so can ALL members please have a read and complete, even if you are not attending the night, as its your opportunity to add your vote. The link is here if you cant find it on the web site


Ride Leaders for Saturday/Sunday 2 hour lighter blue XC rides

It has become apparent over the last few weeks and months we are in need of revitalising the lighter blue weekend XC ride. This year it hasn’t been as prevalent on the ride calender as previous years due to not having enough leaders come forward to help fill this void.

So we are going to kick this off again so it allows a raft of club members the opportunity to get some top class XC riding in at the weekend, improve their riding skills and stamina without having to blow out their arses on a quicker ride, or being put off altogether. To start this going myself, Dan, Tim, Russ and Deano (of the Forest) will put up a ride each weekend to Christmas (and beyond) to cater for this. The rides will be 2 hours in duration and be around our finest local XC haunts. Even though we may be perceived to be the quicker riders, the reason why we are leading as we know the trails well and can link them in the best ways…..and also we will give you a little push to the edge of your comfort zones.

Please keep an eye on the ride guide over the next week for them to appear and make sure you come along and support them. Stronger club riders are more the welcome to come, but they should be expected to help guide the flock NOT race off the front.

Introductory rides, Sunday 3 hour XC, Tuesday Easy and Wednesday XC will still be going strong, as well as the Saturday road ride thrown in for good measure.



81 members on the books with a few more coming through from the recent Introductory ride and other feeds. Still new riders coming out on various rides which is great to see.



We have plenty and this is being used to sub by a fiver people attending the Christmas party. Also some will be used to buy the winners of the Awards a little something to say well done.


Rides, events, etc

Big push from Jan 2014 for next year rides, away days, weekends away and holidays to Scotland and the Alps. This will also include races, sportives and fun events to boot.



One polite comment, rides and riders wanting to come on them. If you are thinking or wanting to come on a club ride, please make sure you post on the ride comment. It should be pretty obvious why (its good etiquette for a start) but it really helps the ride leader know who is turning up and then they can make sure the ride is tailored to suit all. It also lets the other riders know who maybe coming as well. If you usually turn up on one of these rides and can’t make it that week, post “sorry no not his week” as this also means the ride leader is not potentially waiting thinking you may turn up. Also rides start at the shown time so please make sure you are there ready to start at that time.

And a little remider on the ride grading as it seems to have dropped from the web site for the moment in the reshuffle:

Club Ride Grading

A ride may not meet all these requirements but should give a good steer on what is to be expected…or not.  This is Bigfoot’s grading system and may not reflect the grading at trail centres, etc.

Green grade: e.g. Introductory ride
Ride time, 2 hours maximum
Easy / relaxed pace
No jumps
No drops
Single track terrain
Some small climbing
Hard tail / full suspension bike suitable

Blue grade: e.g. typical club weekly local XC ride on Wednesday and Sundays and away days i.e. Cannock Chase, Afan
Ride time, 2-3 hours maximum
Relaxed or brisk pace (some stamina is required)
May incorporate some small jumps which may be avoidable
May incorporate some small drops which may be avoidable
Typical Bigfoot single track
Steeper terrain
Some climbing
Hard tail / full suspension bike suitable
Knee/leg armour advisable

Red grade: e.g. tougher away day rides i.e. Mendips, Rhyader, Quantocks, Afan
Ride time, 2-5 hours maximum
Brisk / fast pace
May incorporate some small to medium size jumps which may or may NOT be avoidable
May incorporate some small to medium size drops which may or may NOT be avoidable
Typical Bigfoot single track
Steep, rocky terrain
Lots of climbing
Hard tail suitable but full suspension strongly advisable
Knee/leg protection strongly advisable

Black grade: e.g. uplift/downhill days, club jump sessions This grading is for down hilling and jump sessions only.
Will incorporate some large sized jumps which may NOT be avoidable.
Will incorporate some large sized drops which may NOT be avoidable.
Very steep, rocky terrain
Full suspension bike only, minimum of 6 inches advisable
Body armour strongly advisable
Full face helmet strongly advisable and may be mandatory by an organised uplift or event.
Arm armour strongly advisable
Knee/leg armour a must





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  1. Glad to hear about the light blue weekend rides, and I will be taking full advantage of them 🙂 As I get to the know trails better, I will be more than happy to start to lead the slower group. Speaking of which, was up in the Malvern Hills today (on foot) checking out some possible routes, so I will post a ride up when I have it worked out. Regarding races for 2014, have already marked down the Mountain Mayhem (are we putting a team in for this?), the 24:12 and the Torq in Your Sleep. Will also be doing the Wild Boar Chase again. See you on Saturday 🙂

  2. I’m hoping to be able to lead a ride or two once this house move is done. Maybe even a easy road ride 🙂 Watch this space.

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