Final countdown for the Christmas Party


Come on boys and girls: Get your act together. Christmas is coming soon. Do you want to miss my speeches and all the awards? I am sure, that is not the case, otherwise I would throw myself on the floor and cry.

The theme is pilots and aircrew.


Please send Pete your deposit of £10 and choose what you would like to eat. It will be £21 per head. Feel free to bring your choice of alcohol.

Here is the menu again.


Goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes

Home made fish cakes

Fresh king prawns in garlic and chillies

Home made broccoli and dolcelatte soup

Duck orange pate

Main course:

Panciotti al pomodoro ( fresh pasta filled with aubergines and cheese cooked in fresh tomato and basil sauce) [vegetarian]

Cod in guazetto ( fillet of cod cooked in fish stock, wine, fresh herbs and a touch of tomato)

Chicken in fresh cream with mushrooms

Risotto with courgettes, prawns and saffron



Lemon tart


Pannacotte with toffee sauce

Tatruffo icecream

When: We will meet at 19:00 and eat at 19:30 on 21st of December 2013.

Where: Giuseppes’s gourment in the Selsley Gliding Club ( we cycle past every time we do the Selsley ride)

So far the following people have signed up:


Name Starter Main Pudding paid
Dan Fish cakes Cod Tiramisu deposit
Susanne Fish cakes Cod Pannacotte deposit
Leon Prawns Risotto Pannacotte deposit
William Prawns Pasta Tiramisu deposit
Janet Fish cakes Pasta Lemon cake
Ian Prawns Chicken Ice creme
Jason Soup Risotto Profiteroles full
Karo Fish cakes Pasta Lemon tart full
Peter Pate Chicken Profiteroles
Jo Pate Chicken Profiteroles
TimK Fish cakes Pasta Lemon tart
SteveW Prawns Risotto Lemon tart deposit
Dom Goats cheese Pasta Tiramisu
Ed Goats cheese Risotto Lemon tart
Petrina Prawns Cod Tiramisu
Adam Pate Chicken Tiramisu
Cheryl Pate Chicken Profiteroles
Mikey Soup Pasta Lemmon tart
Emma Soup Chicken Profiteroles
MikeJ Soup Risotto Pannacotte
Squizzer Fish cakes Cod Pannacotte
Cristian Fish cakes Cod Pannacotte
Cat Fish cakes Cod Profiteroles
Jon Prawns Chicken Pannacotte


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  1. Yes, please send your deposits to me via online transfer. Please contact me if you don’t have the club details…

  2. hmm, I’d like the fish cakes, Cod and Tiramisu. I know I shouldn’t have a creamy pudding, but I’m going to take the pain because I heard he does a very good one.

  3. Hi, please put me plus Petrina on the list.

    Food choices are Goats cheese/ Risotto/ Lemon tart and Prawns/ Cod/ Tiramisu

    Money to the bigfoot account later today.

  4. I’ll be there. Ali may pop in later but we’ll need to confirm that closer to the date. Order emailed to Pete.

  5. Hi,
    For me fish cake, pasta, lemon tart.

    Ian’s needs to be gluten free, he phoned Giuseppe’s who said that is fine but to let him know which ones he has chosen when we send all the menu choices so he can be sure, so prawns, chicken and tatruffo ice creme for Ian.


  6. Menu choice for Jo: Duck orange pate, chicken, Profiteroles.

    Menu choice for Peter: Duck orange pate, chicken, Pannacote


  7. Mine and Mikey’s money got sent over yesterday.

    Menu choice for Adam: Duck Pate, Chicken and Tiramisu
    Menu choice for Cheryl: Duck Pate, Chicken and Profiteroles.


  8. Hello! Jon and I are in. Jon would like: Prawns, Chicken and Pannacotta; I would like Fish cakes, Cod and Profiteroles. Splendid stuff.

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