Cirencester Duathlon Autumn 2013

After bugging plenty of our members, I ended up as the only Bigfooter as this years event 🙁 So I can proudly say that I was the fastest there 🙂

Nice and clean to start!

Nice and clean to start!

For those who aren’t clued up on the format we started with a 2 mile cross country run, followed by 10 miles of mtb and then 2 more miles on foot. The weather conditions we’re good with no rain or frost at least.


I found the first run a little tuff, I’ve not been well for a few weeks and my pace had took a hit! But once I got to my bike I was feeling much better, the bike starts off on fire roads for a few miles which helped getting in the groove. Then it was into the lower part of the ride and the mud! I was as bad as last year, but this time I was ready for it! My mud tyres did the job and I had was having more trouble picking past the walkers with there knackered up bikes! After Blasting through to my 2nd lap I was feeling good and by the time I’d finished the bike section I’d put my foot down once when someone cut across me in a muddy bit, my bike was covered in grass/leaves and mud, but still working spot on!

Putting the power down!

Putting the power down!


No pushing here!

No pushing here!

So onto transition for the last run, my mates had caught me up and as I started to run I could feel the strength draining out of my legs! I couldn’t stay with Ad or Luke and had to trudge my way round running on empty, but I got there in the end! My finish possition was 147 in a total time of 1hr 52mins, 5 mins faster than last year, so happy with that I guess

Me and my mate Ad, plus the kids :)

Me and my mate Ad, plus the kids 🙂

Big thanks to Cheryl and kids who cheered me on all the way and well as Mike C who came over to give support!

My poor bike!

My poor bike!

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  1. Good work Adam and king of the bigfooters too. It’s still one of my favourite local events. And for anyone thinking those distances sound short, get yourself along in February and see how it hurts!!

  2. Well done Adam, top effort. I can’t believe how muddy this event always is, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it being run in dry conditions…. a tough man event for sure!

  3. Cheers guys, yeah it was hard work again and like Mike says shouldn’t be under estimated!

    Trouble is I know I could’ve and should’ve done better! 🙁

    I won’t be able to make it in Feb, I’ve got another race on the same day!

  4. Adam,
    I had paid and was really looking forward to it, but got a cold on the Friday and wasn’t well enough to race. Shame about Feb as I will hopefully enter this one.

    Your times still look decent considering the shite weather.

    Well done mate,

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