Bigfoot MBC New Years Honours 2014 – voting now open!

Manon Carpenter (probably!) at Fort Bill. Sadly not eligible for racer of the year due to non payment of subs…

Here we go folks – the one you’ve all been waiting for…

We’ve got the venue and date sorted out for the Xmas Doo but don’t forget the most important feature of the evening – the annual Bigfoot Awards!

OK, not strictly in the New Year but, as usual, we’ll be using part of this years club Xmas Doo to present the awards to those people who have given their all to make the world of Bigfoot a better place to be.

All members are eligible to vote (just the once mind) and there’s even an option to give an award to someone who doesn’t necessarily fit into one of the existing categories that we have. So dive in and get voting!

Please use the comments section at the bottom to discuss candidates who you think would be worthy of recognition, I’ll start off with a few in a sec.


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  1. Hmmm…. my first ever DH race was lost to Manon Carpenter! I had my eye on the prize as well – a pair of pink goggles.
    I think she was 14 at the time!
    How things change!

  2. …practically last year then eh? Nostalgia’s not what it used to be etc… 😉
    Don’t worry Janet there’s still time to catch her yet!

    Regarding this years awards – what are we all thinking? Contributor – Jason for the rides, Susanne for a firm hand on the reins, Janet for the free chips at the bring and buy?
    Racer of the year – John for his placing in the 4X (and XC)? Someone might have done an Ironman too, not sure who that was though?
    You’re going to have to help me out with the crash/mechanical of the year and most improved rider…

  3. Most improved rider….a chap who has caught my eye this year and recently on the track…young Peter Collins

  4. Agree with Tim – Terry K has made a huge contribution over the years.
    Andrew, we mustn’t forget our relative success at the Bonty this year!
    Forgot about Mike’s ironman – Oops!

  5. Shall we introduce the ‘silver rider’ award for Terry K? He is really one of the pillars of the club and let’s not forget that he bounced back after his heart attack and did not retire.
    The H brothers, Mike and Adam, are on my list for the contributor of the year award. They have stood by me when I needed them and have kept the Easy Riders going.
    Perhaps we need another new award: ‘The bounce back’ award. First possible winner: PaulW who trained in secrete (tut-tut) and is again at the front of the pack.
    John is so consistently representing us at races. I think he deserves the Racer of the year award ( he lost the award to the ladies last year and took it like a gentleman)
    Fortunately we had no serious accidents this year. There is quite a choice of funny crashes and mechanicals. I think I have to toss a coin.

  6. Surely the strava stat of the year award?!!! Ian Rickard has smashed out some mega times in the alps 🙂 ( I helped him)

  7. I have been witness to some cracking crashes this year but not on club rides and all have walked away.
    Terry has my vote for a silver award, he has had a great input over the years and has such a great attitude.

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