One for all

Jason called and a mixture of old and new faces came. I managed to extract myself from family duties and broke my own rule that I would not touch a bike until I have passed the pre-grading for my next golden stripe in Taekwon Do. My guilty conscience and the slippery conditions today really shattered […]

Cycling with Terry

This was a most civilized ride. Terry really knows how to treat the ladies. 5 of us, Terry, Kathy, HuwJ, Dan and myself met up at Bond Mill ( the youth squad chickened out. I should have known better. Leon had his prom on Friday and his little brother stayed up until he was home). […]

Alps Trip 28th May 2013 – Day 4

Tuesday dawned like any other Tuesday (or any other where mountains surround you, patisseries open at 06:00 for pain au chocolat and croissants, and you know you’re about to enter a world of pain, cycling up a mountain!) After Monday’s hideous climb up the Col du Luitel I must admit I wasn’t relishing the idea […]


Bigfoot Alps Trip 25 May 2013 – Arrival Day

I woke excitedly to see the dawn breaking, streaking orange in a forthright Gallic shrug against the blue sky. Then I remembered the next driving shift was mine, I hadn’t had more than about two hours’ sleep in the last 24, my neck had a severe crick in it and my legs were complaining from […]

Bigfoot does Bristol Bikefest

  Well what a weekend that was!   The sun was in full force on Saturday for Bigfoot Utter Carnage (A.K.A. Tim, Maria, Mark and myself) to compete in the most excellent Bristol Bikefest at Ashton Court. We were competing in the mixed team category for 12 hours of what turned out to be very fast […]

Rough Ride: The grand finale

If you have not done a Rough Ride ever, you missed your chance. This was it: the last Rough Ride ever. It looks like the horrible conditions two years ago dented the rider numbers for good and trouble with access to farmland  made the organizers draw the final curtain. What a finale it was. Glorious […]