Wild Boar Chase

A perfect day for an enduro event in the Forest of Dean. Not a big Bigfoot turn out, only the toughest and the youth squad. Dean of the Forest came with his children to see us off and then collapsed weeping under a tree. But I have a deal with his oldest that he will do the race with his father next year. The two Dans (young and old) and Forest Dave made sure that they were at the front for the start and left Kev and me with the children somewhere in the middle. We did not see them again. The start seemed to be in two phases, the first move happened after the instructions and then everyone stopped again before the whole field shot off. I was a little bit worried about the pace. I thought, please I do not want burn out in the youth squad. I do not feel like carrying a young rider including his bike through the finish. The crowd simply swept them along. The course was mostly fire roads, but now and again technical single track was sprinkled in, including some hairy bits. Leon and Kev were ahead all the time and William and I followed, me at the back to make sure that I could collect any fallen warriors. I was a little bit miffed when the three gentlemen cycled past a block of toilets. You know bib tights are nice as long as a lady does not need the toilet. They decided to stop 10 min later, 1 hour into the ride. For us that was already roughly half way point (we did only the Small Boar). William was making some noises that he started getting tired, but did not want to slow down. I can proudly report that none of us ever pushed, but we cycled past quite a few pushing cyclists. The first and for us last food stop was 3 miles from the finish. Leon and Kev did not stop, but I made William eat something. The last hill then required a little bit of psychological management.  Rumour has it that Leon and Kev were the first to finish the Small Boar, and William and I were in the first five. My two were over the moon with their success but confessed that they could not have cycled a single mile more. Another good adventure.

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  1. What a great day. Blue skies, sunshine, some absolutely stunning countryside. The start was reasonably brisk, and we lost forest-Dave (sorry Dave). We kept a pretty good pace I thought. There were two push-ups, but everything else was rideable. The funniest thing was that I lost young-Dan twice and thought I was playing catch up, only to find Dan catching up from behind again! Time warp? At the start I rode a little with “Dr John” himself, and he was explaining that he designed the course, and he was pleased he got permission for this descent or that one. Then his carbon hard tail 29er carried him ahead and I saw him again only at the finish. Looks like his son is building trails now too, so I’m looking forwards to trying them out. OK, I like technical single track, and for that the Wentwood 50 event beats this one, but there were some really good rocky descents from place to place here, a reasonable bit of single track in the woods and fantastic views on a sunny day, making this a great day out.

  2. Well done all you guys and girls, came across this enduro whilst out walking with the family and what a lovely day for a spin on the old bone shaker, shame we never saw any of you guys.

  3. looks like you had perfect conditions, nice one all and well done.

    On the BHF ride we had 10 Bigfooters enjoying the fine weather as well…happy days

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