Stroud valleys routes 27/05/2012, 04/12/2011, 09/10/2011


Malcolm led us on another fab Stroud valleys (and hills) ride today, with a bit of a variation in the route compared to last time. Six riders in all. Great sunny weather and company. There was plenty of shade to be had in the woods and under trees.  From Selsley we could see a massive housing development underway near Ebley. I hope when I’m older I won’t have to say, “I remember when I was a lad this wasn’t all housing and there were some woods etc.” granted, I may not be a lad anymore. From the looks on peoples faces great ice cream was had at Winstons. I contented myself with “Orchard Bloom Quality Pressed Apple Juice” 🙂

GPX file: Stroud_Nympsfield_Nailsworth_27-05-12


Malcolm led us on another great Stroud Valleys ride today. I arrived last minute as did too much partying at Bigfoot Christmas do the night before! OK, we zoomed straight up to Rodborough common, and although it was a bit cold I was certainly overheating and had to strip. Next down Bear hill, along a bit of woody track to Amberly. Then across the valley floor and up to Selsley and a bit of technical single track on the other side. Along to Nympsfield, and then a very nice restricted byway to Nailsworth, worth remembering. Then the usual climb up Tetbury lane and a little play at the top where we had a woman off her horse! Here’s what happened: we were doing a nice bit of single track by the side of the bridleway, the horse on the bridleway heard us coming, reared up and threw it’s rider down! It must have thought the Cranham Beast was coming to get it! She said she was OK so we did a 180 turn to do our usual bit of downhilling singletrack, which was extremely muddy by the way. OK, next we climbed up to Minchinghampton and zoomed along to… Winston’s of course! Malcolm forwent his usual favorite ice cream, chocolate chip mint flavor…, so we could get back, and man the rubbly descent off the common is what full sussers are made for! And apart from canal and road that was another great Stroud Valleys ride done! Thanks Malc and all!

GPX file: Stroud_Nympsfield_Nailsworth_04-12-11_v02

"Stroud valleys route 04/12/2011"


And for good measure, here’s the previous Stroud Valley route we did with Malcolm on the 9th October, when his bike frame broke! Same starting point, but we headed northwards through Standish, Stokend, across and up the “impossible climb” (not impossible any more), downhilling into Slad valley and back out up what I would call “the real impossible climb” and then back to the next valley, where we bade our sad fair-wells to Malc and his dead Dirty Joe, fast as we could down Toadsmoor road, and then along the canal back into Stroud. Great ride! (See )

GPX file: Stroud_valleys_09-10-2011_v02

“Stroud valleys 09/10/2011”




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  1. How did the route on the 4th of December end up looking almost exactly like the outline of Australia? Spooky!

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