Bontrager 24/12 Night Lap helmet cam…

Having finally got round to editing the night time footage from the Bontrager 24/12 I thought I’d post it up…

Some slight issues as the lights tend to burn the camera out but I thought it still might be interesting. I did a ‘running comentry’ as I was riding along which made me sound like some old cider tramp muttering along to myself – but hey, it was 2am in the morning! Thankfully most of it is drowned out by the music – see if you can hear ‘F***ing climb/F***ing roots’ in the background.

Only got half a lap as I’d not cleared off some of the old crap on there and the recorder ran out of space part way round! You’ll be pleased to know it’s been edited down quite a bit as I’ve tried to keep it to the interesting bits where I meet other riders.

Interesting bits are subtitled and watch out for a guest appearance by ‘the roadie’ 🙂

Bontrager 24/12, August ’09. Mixed Team night lap. from Bigfoot MBC on Vimeo.



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  1. Hummm…
    I’m sure it’s very good, but my computer can’t download it fast enough (taken about 3 mins to load the first 2 seconds of footage). I’ll try again later… And yes, I do have a rudimentary form of broadband (probably powered by squirrels, or something).

  2. Oh dear! You’ll need to stoke it with a bit more coal perhaps? The Internet Hamsters are probably on a break so I’d have another go later on (it’s looking OK from this end)…

  3. I watched it – nice editing Andy.

    However, I did have to let the ‘grey’ line load accross the screen before playing, otherwise it kept stopping. This took about 6 mins. (I made a cup of tea). I have BT’s part time Broadband myself which usually works.

  4. Ooo, thanks! I’m wondering if Vimeo have a bit of a go slow every now and again. I think I had problems looking at some of the older videos a while back – but yes, cup of tea while it loads or trying again later should do the trick!

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